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CNC turning and milling

CNC machining services are not only technologically advanced digital machine tools, but also professional CAD / CAM software, thanks to which you can make even unusual elements with very complex shapes.


Grinding, drilling, threading

Our company provides professional services in the field of grinding rollers, holes and flat surfaces, milling of surfaces, grooves and channels.


Heat treatment: annealing, hardening

Our modern machine facilities carry out orders for companies from various industries. You can commission us to produce only a few elements, but it can also be a larger project.

CNC Working

metal processing

Metalworking is a branch of industry whose importance for the modern economy is systematically growing. All modern machines and devices, including the most technologically advanced fields, need metal components. The manufacturing process is still machining – now implemented with greater precision and speed thanks to numerically controlled devices – CNC.

CNC machining is mainly milling and turning. While milling is mainly used for vertical machining, turning is meant for cylindrical. Numerically controlled machining makes it possible to perform fully repeatable details, which is currently a requirement of industrial customers and allows for the appropriate finishing of the product needed. Other machining operations are usually: drilling, grinding, engraving.

Thanks to CNC machining, high-performance production of various elements is possible – each of them looks the same as planned in the project. Machining of this type also ensures automation, thanks to which the production of products lasts much shorter. Turning and milling also help to minimize the losses of material resulting from machining.

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